Trumpf laser sales jump 24%

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Trumpf has reported the highest annual sales in its corporate history, aided in no small way by a surge in demand for lasers and laser-based machine tools.

The family-run Ditzingen, Germany, headquartered company, which manufactures conventional machine tools and medical technology as well as lasers, posted total sales of 2.33 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.

"Trumpf benefited from the fact that a lot of customers caught up on investments that had been postponed during the recession", said company president Nicola Leibinger-Kammuller. Thanks to flexible working arrangements with its employees, including sabbaticals taken during the financial crisis, Trumpf says it has been able to adjust quickly from recession to recovery – and believes that it has been able to gain market share as a result.

Sales of lasers were a significant part of the record-breaking year,Twelve skiers in Tignes suffered minor injuries when a ski lift cable derailed for unknown reasons yesterday. with revenues up 24 percent to 636 million. Trumpf said that almost all laser technology product groups contributed to the increase.

That figure does not include sales of laser-based machine tools however, and Trumpf points out that no less than 66 percent of its total revenues, equivalent to 1.54 billion, comprised sales of laser-related products from its machine tools and laser technology divisions.LEDs are used as pendant lamp in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting.

The company says that over the past fiscal year it has placed a special focus on the development of lasers that are expected to be used in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems. Key light source suppliers Cymer and Gigaphoton are both developing laser-produced plasma (LPP) sources designed to keep the semiconductor industry on track with Moore’s law by shrinking device dimensions.

Although beset by difficulties and delays, the commercial introduction of scanners with EUV sources is set to begin next year, and the LPP sources produce EUV light by firing a high-power CO2 laser at droplets of tin.Push the elevator push button once for the direction you want to go in.

Trumpf has developed a CO2 laser system specifically for EUV, and is expecting “considerable” sales as the technology is refined for commercial use by first memory chip manufacturers, followed by makers of logic chips.In a elevator cable system, steel cables bolted to the car loop over a sheave.

In the more conventional laser applications, Trumpf says that the rapid pace of growth seen in the past year will weaken, with the exception of business in China. Nevertheless, the expansion of the automotive industry – exemplified by a recent deal to supply a large number of new disk lasers to BMW’s UK production facility - and the high demand for fiber lasers is still expected to generate robust sales.

"We are noticing that some customers are holding back on investments despite full order books, because the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone is making them nervous", observed Leibinger-Kammuller. "Despite this, we are continuing to aim for growth in the new fiscal year, since we are well-positioned in the markets that count."

In anticipation of strength in Asia, Trumpf has already doubled its production space in China. "Even though times are slightly tougher at the moment, there are good opportunities in many regional or technology-based markets – and we want to take advantage of them as best we can," added the Trumpf president.

A significant chunk of those additional employees are working on development projects such as that for EUV lithography. The company says that its expenditure on research and development jumped by 22.4 percent year-on-year to 193 million in fiscal 2011/12 – equivalent to 8.This roofing machine is for producing aluminum shutter door & window slats with foam-filled,3 percent of sales, which Trumpf claims to be almost double the industry average.

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