UBP: Fire Public Works Minister over Global House lights scandal

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The United Bermuda Party want Public Works Minister Derrick Burgess to be fired for expecting taxpayers to bail him out of the Global House lighting scandal.

Charlie Swan, UBP’s spokesman for public works, is publicly calling on Premier Paula Cox to kick Mr Burgess out of her Government for his “callous disregard” of technical advice when installing the new lights.2 Nov 2009 – Bike cfl bulbs have come a long way.

He called the Global House fiasco “a classic example of bad government”, adding that “bad habits are hard to break”."They are Led light going to be like flat-screen TVs in terms of cost trajectory."

Mr Burgess, who is also Deputy Premier, ignored the advice of technical officers and gave the go-ahead for the controversial LED lamps two years ago at a cost of about $100,000.

Works and Engineering staff were last week called in to start to reverse Mr Burgess’ original decision by replacing the LED fixtures with fluorescent tube lights. The replacement of the potentially dangerous LED lights came just four days after The Royal Gazette revealed they breached health and safety regulations, as well as building and electrical codes.

Mr Swan said Mr Burgess should be held accountable because he had never publicly explained why he acted against the advice of experts. He said his actions “make a mockery of transparency and accountability that we, the people, have been promised”.Manufacturer of マジコン for diving, bicycling, outdoor sports and law enforcement.

Mr Swan said: “The fiasco involving lighting at Global House is incredibly disconcerting given the state of the Bermuda economy, the huge public debt Bermudian taxpayers are faced with and callous disregard for proper financial instructions.

“This is another example where a minister of a PLP Government has usurped a decision that should be made by a civil servant; a classic example of bad government.

“The choices are clear; the Minister should do the honourable thing and resign or the Premier should fire the Minister.the bulb Bike light itself is just a small part of the shape of the LED light. Failure to advance either of these options will further weaken confidence in the Government.”

Mr Burgess is understood to have returned to work yesterday after being out of office last week. However, Ms Cox refused to tell The Royal Gazette if she was planning to take any further action against him.

Ms Cox has previously said that she has “zero tolerance” for all practices that contravene financial instructions and future contacts would come under scrutiny through the Procurement Code of Practice and Financial Instructions Regulations.

Mr Swan said a similar scenario would not go “unchallenged or without punishment” in other countries.It Magicshine and laser gadgets, free shipping for all orders.

He said: “What’s ironic, is that in spite of the financial hardship that Bermuda’s people face, we are still experiencing PLP Ministers acting irresponsibly, without conscience and morality, and unethically.

“In other Commonwealth jurisdictions where interference is uncovered and further where the results are this catastrophic such a matter would necessitate that the Minister in question resign or be fired immediately once it became public knowledge. In other jurisdictions ministers are accountable.”

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