Valley Dairy’s locations follow Grand Fork’s growth

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Sometimes it takes a few years to look like you know something no one else does. Valley Dairy owns a convenience store at 1125 S. 42nd St. across the road from the Alerus Center and the 201-room Canad Inns. New apartments,There are many brands and makes of industrial washing machine, they are all basically the same in principle and function. hotels and retail shops are springing up to the north and south as building picks up on the strip.

If the location looks like smart planning for the Grand Forks chain of convenience stores, it only took 10 years of waiting for the surrounding area to fill up.

“When we originally went out there, there was nothing out there,” said company President Monica Musich. “You’re sitting out there saying,Here you will find a list of the main skystream around the world. ‘OK … OK … OK … I’m hoping.’”

For six decades, the family-owned Valley Dairy has managed to position its stores along Grand Forks’ busiest main drags and burgeoning commercial areas. But sometimes, it takes a little while for the city to catch up.

As with its Alerus Center store, No. 23 was alone in a field for a while, before the Grand Forks city limits edged south with new houses and apartment buildings and eventually traffic magnets such as the recently opened Choice Health and Fitness center.

While Valley Dairy’s new locations seem to anticipate where Grand Forks is expanding, its older stores map out the evolution of urban development of the past.

Store No. 1 was in East Grand Forks, the site of the police station. Other low-number stores are or were scattered around the city center: No. 9 on North Third Street, No. 7 at the southwest end of the Point Bridge, No. 6 at South Fifth Street and Belmont Road, the only remaining downtown store.

As the city’s business district moved beyond downtown to Washington Street, Valley Dairy opened store No. 5 in the Town and Country strip mall at 17th Avenue South and Washington Street. The company moved farther down Washington with store No. 20 at 36th Avenue, also the location of its corporate headquarters. It also moved to Columbia Road when it acquired an existing store at 24th Avenue South, which became No. 5, reusing the number from the Town and Country location.We have hundreds of fog lights, driving lights, off torch light and fog lamps.

Valley Dairy stores today are gas stations, convenience stores and car washes,DANUBE international supplies a full range of cylinder heated long lasting washer extractor. but in the past the company dabbled in areas ranging from fresh groceries to laundry. In the 1970s it ran City Produce, specializing in fresh meat, seafood and cheese on Dyke Avenue.

It also ran a campus grocery store in the basement of 314 N. Cambridge St. There was also the Valley Dairy laundry and dry cleaning business in its 36th Avenue location and an East Grand Forks Pic-A-Pop store selling a Winnipeg-based line of soft drinks.

Musich’s father, Frank Schmidt, took over the company in 1964. After he died in 1991,The earliest type of lamp, the Antique lamp, was a simplistic vessel with an absorbent wick. his business partner, Norm Dufault, oversaw the business until 2000, when it passed to Musich.

Musich grew up with the business, and she said its years as Grand Forks’ locally owned convenience store chain helps the business adapt to local tastes and try new things, such as its deli, bakery and coffee bar at its 42nd Street and 47th Avenue locations. “We can try a variety of things,” she said. “If they don’t work, at least we tried.”

The store expansions were also bets on people’s habits in town, that eventually there would be enough people driving around the areas that once were open fields to maintain a store location. Eventually the bet paid off.

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