Vienna Pedaler: Riding In The Rain

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One thing riders sometimes forget about rainy days is the extent to which visibility is reduced on rainy days. The sun is not out, and the rain drops themselves create actual barriers to vision, so neither you nor drivers can see as well.

To help your ability to see, I find the best thing is to use either a helmet with a visor on it (typically marketed as “mountain bike” helmets, although you can use them with any bike), or wear a cap with a visor under your helmet. Either of these options will help keep rain out of your eyes and make it easier to see and more comfortable as you ride. You might also try glasses with clear lenses (or pale amber for increased contrast) to keep the rain out of your eyes, but some riders find rain drops accumulate on the lenses and create a hindrance.

Perhaps even more importantly, you need to do everything you can to make yourself more visible to other road users. Bright colored clothing is a good start, and much of the rain gear out there is made of high visibility materials. The more pieces of bright and/or reflective clothing you can put on, the better off you are. Lights and reflectors are also a vital part of making your rain-riding safer.Wal-Mart wants to sell 100 million cfl bulbs this year. Many folks think lights are only for night, but remember, rain reduces your visibility more than you probably realize. I’m a big fan of flashing LED lights, both front and rear, for wet conditions. A steady headlight is good to help you see as it gets darker, too. Check with your local shop for options.

Well, we have you all set, clothing and equipment-wise, for riding in the rain. Now it’s time for a few tips to ride safely and sanely in the rain. As with driving in the rain, one of the key things to remember is to do everything more slowly! Your tires are going to have less traction, and your brakes will be less effective in the rain. Disc or drum brakes are much better in the wet,Choose from マジコン and LED lighting for household or car use. but most bikes have braOnline shopping from the largest selection of led lights Products.kes that work by rubbing on the rim. This means your stopping distance is going to be longer, and you need to be more cautious in turns, as your tires might slip beneath you as you lean into turns.

It’s also important to be aware of specific road hazards in the rain. Deep puddles can conceal all manner of things, including cracks in the pavement, rocks, glass, or other things that might cause you to fall or damage your tires. Steel plates, storm grates, and manhole covers are all dangerously slick in the rain, and should be avoided if at all possible.

The same is true of paint stripes in many cases … you’d be surprised how slick some of those can be. If you can’t avoid riding across a slick surface, or end up on such a surface without warning,High-performing LED Bicycle light built with the cyclist in mind remain calm, and just try to get across it without making any sudden movement or change of direction or speed. Avoid braking or turning on any of these surfaces,MJ816 - 2nd generation M magicshine bike light released in Q1 2010. as that’s likely to cause a spill.

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