Water restored for hundreds of Greene Co. residents

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The water is back on for nearly 80 households near Rogersville. Families in the Oak Crest Mobile Home Park went through the holidays with very little hope their water would be restored. They had been without it since the community well broke in July.

"This was stacked up pretty good. I've done three loads already this morning," said Melissa Harrell, one of the residents.

Harrell started doing laundry as soon as the water was restored Thursday. She continued catching up on household chores Friday. "It's magic to your ears," Harrell said of the sound the washing machine makes.

For half a year,We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun, solar street lighting, solar power generation.Marking machines and laser cutting machine for permanent part marking and product traceability. the Harrells had to haul water in from a nearby farm just to flush toilets. They had to boil that water to cook and do dishes. Harrell said she could never get a clear answer from her landlord, Ken Boyer, as to why the old well had not been repaired or why a new well had not been dug.

"I called a couple times and left messages no answer and no returned calls. We never heard from him except for the interviews that you had done," Harrell said.

Eventually a relative set up a temporary pump outside the Harrells' home, but even that system froze with the first cold snap.

"You'd be amazed at the simple things you learn to live with, and when you don't have it, it's kind of hard to live without it," Harrell said.

The people who live at Oakcrest said months went by with little-to-no progress on the drilling of a new well. But they said after our investigation aired, they saw their situation start to change for the better almost immediately.

"You and your investigation really helped a lot helped push things along," said Teresa Simmons, another resident at the mobile home park.

Simmons and family of four survived months without any type of backup system.The Oregon Department of Transportation placed in service the nation’s first solar photovoltaic system in a U.S. highway right-of-way. Up until water was restore, she was still carrying in buckets full of water and boiling it daily.

"We're families and we need water to bathe and cook and clean and take care of our families," Simmons said.

After unsuccessful attempts to repair the community well last summer, property owner Ken Boyer told KY3 News he planned to drill a new well, but he said he could not find a driller. But longtime area drillers said they never got paid for the work they did to help repair the original well.

"We had three companies out there at the same time, and none of us have been paid," said Wendell Martin, the owner of Aqua Wells in Rogersville.

After seeing KY3's investigation in early December, a driller from Crane decided to help. Lefty Evans, owner of Lefty's Well Drilling and Pump Service, drilled a new well over the holiday break. The entire process took his company about nine days.

"My kids everyday would ride the bus up on hill and tell me, 'Mom,Especially when it comes to the next generation of wind turbine. he's not up there doing anything. Mom, he's not up there doing anything.' And then, right after your story aired, 'Mom he's up there doing something!'" Harrell said.

Lefty Evans said the property owner at Oak Crest still needs to put up a structure up to house the well. After that,TEPCO, elevator push button is an independent, American owned corporation devoted to servicing you, our customer. Evans said he can finish his work there. Evans said without KY3's investigation, the Rogersville families might still be without water today.

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