WEB EXCLUSIVE: Students taste test 'space lettuce' at Infinity Science Center

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It was harvest time at the Infinity Science Center in Hancock County, Monday. NASA technology is being used to grow specially-engineered lettuce in an indoor controlled environment.

It looks like something you'd pick up in the produce department at any grocery store. But this lettuce is grown with water and fog. Special LED lights provide the sunshine.

"We can grow a head of lettuce from seed to harvest size within about 35 days. It typically takes you between 50 and 60 days to grow the same lettuce outdoors," said Joseph Graben with Innovative Imaging & Research.

The hope is to some day grow lettuce and other vegetables like this in space for astronauts conducting long duration space missions.Shop Pottery Barn for a large selection of wall sconces, Led light and reading lamps. Add style to any room with expertly crafted wall sconces, lamps and wall ...

"The food the astronauts use now is freeze dried or packaged and processed. If you've looked at it, it's not exactly what you'd like to say, 'I'm going to spend my time for the next two years going to Mars eating this,'" explained Graben. "You might want something a little fresh and green.Pottery Barn's floor lamp and wrought iron floor lamps feature vintage designs."

Students from Mays Prep. School in New Orleans got a chance to harvest and put the space lettuce to the taste test.

"It was very good. It's better than the lettuce at the stores," said Destiny Pounds, age 9.

Kevin Wilson,Contemporary adjustable and led strip and ceiling lights. 10,A table lamp and contemporary lamps can add a magical touch to most rooms in your home. agreed, "It was very good. It was very nice and it was very nutritious and I just liked it a lot."

Graben said the biggest benefit to growing food like this in space is it would save a lot of money. To lift food, or any pay load into space costs about $10,000 a pound.

"Instead of having to pay the cost to lift a head of lettuce into space, here all we have to do is fly up a light pack of seeds and then grow it up there. So a lot less cost if you grow it and produce it up there."

He said the benefits and possibilities of this high tech growing method are endless for use in space and here on earth.

Infinity leaders say the growing technology is also being researched for future medical purposes. Officials hope to grow plants that produce vaccines and other medications faster than conventional methods.Shop Pottery Barn for expertly crafted drum Lamp shade, large lamp shades and linen lamp shades.

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