Wind brings benefits in Minden

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There are fewer than 600 people living in Minden Township, and there isn’t much of a tax base.Tungsten Depot offers tungsten jewelry that is unique and incredibly stylish. So having 25 power-generating wind turbines in the northern Sanilac County community does allow the township to more easily pay for some essential services — such as dust control, road repair and fire protection.

“We are showing an increase in the valuation of our township, which in turn allows us to provide more services for local people,” said Terry O’Conner, township supervisor.

“At one time we were the lowest valued township in Sanilac County,” he said. “(Wind power) has increased the taxable value quite a bit.

“We will be able to make things better around here because our budgets were quite limited,” said O’Connor, who is in his second term as supervisor and was a trustee for 20 years before that. “This provides us with the ability to improve things for residents who live in the township.”

DTE Energy recently completely the Thumb Wind Park in Sanilac and Huron counties.Our typical product line of laser marking machine and laser engraving has been growing manufacturer’s speeds. The 69 wind turbines, 18 of which are in Minden Township, are generating 110 megawatts of electricity. The township also is the site of seven wind turbines owned by Exelon Power, based in Chicago.“That’s essentially enough to power about 25,The world's leading supplier of residential wind turbines & wind-solar hybrid systems for homes,000 homes,” said Scott Simons,Perfect modern lamps is critical to creating a modern home. DTE Energy spokesman.

The wind turbines are on 15,000 acres in Minden and neighboring Delaware Township in Sanilac County and in Bloomfield, McKinley and Sigel townships in Huron County. Construction employed 100 workers,This page provides information about street lamp and how to report a fault. according to a DTE Energy news release, and the wind park employs 10 full-time workers. Local landowners also receive royalty payments, and townships like Minden receive personal property taxes.

Although the Michigan Legislature in 2012 passed legislation to phase out the personal property tax on industrial and commercial equipment, “the personal property tax still applies to wind turbines,” Simons said.

He said the company will build its next wind park by the end of the year in Huron County with another 70 wind turbines and another 110 megawatts of capacity.

“By 2015 we’re going to have 10 percent of our generation come from renewable energy,” he said. “That allows us to take a look at taking some (power) plants out of service or not using them to maximum capacity.”

O’Connor said he hasn’t heard any complaints from people about noise from the turbines.“They’ve been pretty well accepted around here,” he said. “It’s like anything new. It’s different.“I’m not saying everybody’s happy with it,” he said. “Changes happen, and you try to make the best of it.”

Simons said the company looked at different factors such as weather and bird and bat migratory patterns before building the wind turbines.“There’s a mix of opinions, but I think there are more residents in favor of wind energy and what the the economic benefits are to the community than there are those opposed to it,” he said.

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and Foundation Wind Energy have recently entered into implementation agreements for the establishment of two wind power projects having 50MW capacity each in Gharo. Both the projects are being installed with a cumulative of 40 Nordex Wind Turbines each with a capacity of 2.5 MW. The combined total energy output of both the projects is approximately 288 GwH per annum.

The financing agreement was signed in May, 2012. The completion period of each project is 15 months from financial close, and both the projects are being targeted for commercial operation during the middle of 2014. The two projects are being financed by the Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and a syndicate of local banks led by the National Bank of Pakistan.

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