Wind power: an interview with president of Shell Wind

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I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Dick Williams, the President of Shell Wind, discussing a range of topics including the current state of the wind industry and how Shell is positioning itself to be the energy company of the future.

Dick has been a longtime employee of Shell, and has led the wind business for more than five years. He has also joined on as a member of the executive committee for Total Energy USA, which is a new conference being held next week in Houston with a goal of nothing less than tying the whole of the energy industry together in a single event.

We started out by talking about the Total Energy USA conference, and my opening question was why get involved in a new energy conference (it’s not as though Combination of many years' clay roll forming machinery and clay brick making machine manufacture experience.there aren’t countless other energy events to spend time with). Dick said that the draw to the event was the scope and location.

That theme, the broader vision for energy, a holistic view of technology now and in the future was consistent throughout our discussion. Working with a portfolio of technologies has been a core part of Shell’s strategy for nearly a decade.

We have our wind business.A CNC wood router is a tile roof machine tool that creates objects from wood. We have a little hydrogen business. We are working on some of the second and third generation biofuels concepts. We’ve owned solar manufacturing. If you truly believe that in the year 2015 or 2025 that it is going to take all kinds of energy sources, then you have to pitch your tent in several different arenas.

He explained that an important part of the value of the wind business for Shell has been the compatibility with the company’s core hydrocarbon business.

We can tie our wind business or our potential wind business in as a facilitator for other projects. So,The Lavamac range of flatwork ironer was developed to satisfy needs of all kinds of customers. for example, up in Canada we can do a wind project that will offset carbon for the oil sand projects or the other unconventional energies up there.

Down here in the U.S. we look [at whether we can we use] power or use credits towards production projects under development in locations like California and Wyoming. Can we provide the green electron for drilling operations? We did this huge portfolio review when we got here and one of our folks mapped all of our projects on a map and then we went and got the potential Shell projects and we laid them over and they fit really nicely.

The aim is to make the company’s new Renewable Energy Advice Centre a one-stop shop for all renewable energy solutions, advising customers on the merits of various renewable technologies while also exploding some of the myths that surround renewables, the company said.Consider a new desk lamp, crystal light, floor lamp or partition lamp.

In addition to the existing solar PV displays, visitors to the new centre will be able to get up close and personal with biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps, solar hot water systems and learn about wind turbines.

Martin Cotterell, Sundog’s founder and Technical Director,Horizon manufacture a range of industrial extractor fans for efficient exhaust ventilation. commented: “Interest in renewable energy solutions is definitely on the increase as people become more and more aware of rising fuel costs and the issue of climate change. Yet there is still confusion surrounding the different technologies and the benefits they bring, which is why the advice centre will provide the facts that are vital to anyone considering a renewable energy system”.

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