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Overflow crowd at wind farm hearing

On Wednesday evening, Proponents and opponents of the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm in northwestern Tipton County filled the auditorium of the Tipton High School. The Tipton Board of Zoning Appeals was considering a conditional use permit requested...

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Chasers help you buy better

Also milk prices, toothpaste, mobile phones, packaging and natural medicines. In short, they'd like you to check out The Checkout, where they'll be analysing the issues in all of these purchases and more,We'd love to talk to you about our incredible tungsten...

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Take action to save water

We already know the problem. There is an acute water shortage in the city. Most of our lakes have dried up. Ground water levels are abysmally low, besides being contaminated. There is not enough water for the city’s burgeoning population. And we have...

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Powder Coating Wood Picking Up

A few short years ago, it would have been difficult to envision powder-coated wood as an integral part of many office and retail furniture lines. But recent design evolutions, combined with continuous advances in the wood powder coating process, have...

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Walpole voters OK voting machine

Walpole voters agreed to purchase a voting machine tabulator for future elections during Town Meeting Saturday. About 115 Walpole residents showed up for the afternoon meeting,There are reports of bird and bat mortality at wind turbine as there are around...

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You Just Have To Have It!

The Kenwood Cooking Chef looks sort of like a cross between a stand mixer and a movie robot. It can chop, slice, shred, mix, and even cook your food—a gadget surprisingly close to one of those household helpers the Jetsons schooled us all to expect in...

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