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The ports and the power

In reality this ageing oil rig was heading north from the Nigg fabrication yard to the port of Invergordon, having spent the past few months being refurbished. After some extra touches in Invergordon, it will resume its return journey to the North Sea...

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Global niche players

The Vikings’ modern descendants believe they can turn globalisation to their advantage. They excel at producing born-global companies. Ericsson, founded in 1876, started selling phones in China in the 1890s. They also outperform more muscular competitors....

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Payoffs From GE's Innovation Platform

GE’s new GeoSpring hybrid electric water heater was developed to address consumers’ growing desires to save money and be environmentally conscious.An illustration showing the planets of our solar system . GeoSpring, which uses a novel integrated compressor...

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Defense Distributed working

Defense Distributed is something of a black sheep in both 3D printer and firearm circles, although many believe what they’re doing — decentralizing the manufacture of guns, making gun schematics for 3D printers free to download online — is democratic...

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