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Sad news made me feel another piece

IT was one of those moments which I can always cast my mind back to and instantly recall what I was doing when I heard a particular piece of news. January 28, 1983, was a fairly relaxed day in the Radio Trent newsroom and as I went in search of my umpteenth...

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I got it wrong on climate change

Lord Stern, author of the government-commissioned review on climate change that became the reference work for politicians and green campaigners, now says he underestimated the risks, and should have been more "blunt" about the threat posed to the economy...

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wind investment

Scotland's offshore wind developers have invested 165m in the country's economy to date, industry figures will reveal today. The survey conducted by trade body Scottish Renewables revealed 65m of investment came in 2012 alone. The investment represents...

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When the heat's on

For anyone who takes pleasure in allowing decorum to triumph over comfort, summer can be a disheartening mtime.the most affordable yet powerful solar led light in the world. Only in the summer do grown, and usually well-dressed women don such pointedly...

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Not just for mobile payments anymore

In fact, paying for items with one's phone seems to be the least common use for the close-range connectivity technology right now, at least based on gadgets unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. Rather,Running oblong format on a folding machine can...

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