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138 articles avec fluorescent bulbs

Great minds tinker alike

It's a quiet Tuesday night, but Dim Sum Labs - a workspace shared by a motley crowd of tinkerers - is a hive of activity. Located in a nondescript building in Sheung Wan, the small room is taken up by a large desk, a couch, a refrigerator stocked with...

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Art and Technology

Even if he's skeptical about Google Glass, Anadol, who has a current exhibition full of screens and lights at Young Projects in the Pacific Design Center, doesn't doubt that people already often see the world through virtual lenses. "It's like the relationship...

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Bird death and wind turbines

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and windfarm opponents have found themselves at odds over the risk turbines pose to bird species, particularly birds of prey.I have recently got a dry cabinet and can anybody tell me if it the box only...

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Can wildlife survuce endless winter?

A winter that refuses steadfastly to end has not only made the countryside an unforgiving place for wildlife but has also left gardens in a state of suspended animation. Where is the loud hum of Bombus locorum, the white-tailed bumblebee that always emerges...

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'New' old Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers' roster received some notable upgrades this off season, thanks to the infusion of payroll by the Guggenheim ownership group. Fittingly, the facelift that a fleet of fork-lift trucks and other earth-moving machines were able to pull off on...

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The "Elephant in the Room" Garden Tour

It's all the rage to be sustainable, but I've noticed that most people practice sustainability through gadgets rather than nature. People use low-flow shower heads, smart irrigation systems, compact fluorescent light bulbs, fabric shopping bags, electric...

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Chasers help you buy better

Also milk prices, toothpaste, mobile phones, packaging and natural medicines. In short, they'd like you to check out The Checkout, where they'll be analysing the issues in all of these purchases and more,We'd love to talk to you about our incredible tungsten...

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