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Deleveraging new mantra at India Inc

Companies that borrowed heavily during the boom phase are now looking to clean up their balancesheets either by selling off assets (non-core, core and anything that can fetch some price), attracting funds via issue of shares and getting rid of costly...

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Wind power attacked

A recent clash between the state's two top environmental agencies suggests that, try as they might, wind-power opponents in Maine will face a difficult time quashing the wind industry's continued development in the state. Among other things, the episode...

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Solar lanterns toslash power bills

Supporting the State government’s attempts to bring down power consumption, the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) will distribute 2,000 solar lanterns at a subsidised rate in the district. The product has been brought to...

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In Conversation

Since 2003, Carbon Trust has been a leading, independent authority on marine energy, and has been working hard to make it a commercially viable source of renewable energy. The Technology Acceleration Manager at Carbon Trust,Aulaundry is a leading dry...

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Griffin iTrip Auto

Most folks these days carry some kind of device with them that has at least a subset of their music collection on it. Some have services like Spotify, Pandora, or some other service that will deliver music to a smartphone. When we get in our cars, however,Where...

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Overflow crowd at wind farm hearing

On Wednesday evening, Proponents and opponents of the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm in northwestern Tipton County filled the auditorium of the Tipton High School. The Tipton Board of Zoning Appeals was considering a conditional use permit requested...

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Powder Coating Wood Picking Up

A few short years ago, it would have been difficult to envision powder-coated wood as an integral part of many office and retail furniture lines. But recent design evolutions, combined with continuous advances in the wood powder coating process, have...

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